It’s nearly a year since I miscarried. Today it’s all I can think about, you see when I miscarried I didn’t actually want to be pregnant. I have 2 children with autism, one of those also has a heart defect and developmental delay. It would have been even harder to have another child. When I […]

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Mixed emotions

Today is a day full of mixed emotions. 24 years ago today I got the news from my devastated parents that my nanny (mums mum) has died. It’s my first memory of losing someone I loved. I was 10 years old and I’d never seen my dad cry before that day. I remember having to […]

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For those of you that saw my post yesterday, I was full of hope for a social worker coming to do an assessment and to meet me and my two boys to find out what support they can offer. After an hour and a half of going through their problems, their individual diagnosis of issues, […]

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Children with disabilities

On Monday I requested an assessment with the children with disabilities team. I went through all the assessment via phone and it took around 30 mins. 30 mins to go through all of their challenging behaviours and hope for the best. My main reason of requesting the assessment was to get some kind of support […]

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About me… I have previously had a site called chd spectrum mum. Due to unforeseen circumstances I can’t use that site anymore so I’ve created a new one. So for those of you that don’t know me. I’m a mum of 2 boys. My Eldest is 8 he’s diagnosed as “high functioning” Autistic. He’s such […]

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